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Competitive Teams

Waco Texans Select and Competitive Teams
Waco Texans Soccer Open Sessions 2024

Waco Texans Select/Competitive Teams

Waco Texans offers Select  (often referred to as Select, or Competitive, or Travel) soccer teams in the Waco and surrounding areas.  These teams train locally and compete across Texas.  Unlike large metroplex areas, we pride ourselves on developing the players that are available, not just forming teams by stealing the best players from other clubs.

Waco Texans are the longest tenured club in Waco and have professional licensed coaches that have years of experience coaching various age groups.

If this sounds like something that you want to be a part of then contact Waco Texans at or 257.722.3973

Waco Texans Current Team

Waco Texans 2006 Boys ECRL

Waco Texans 2007 Boys

Waco Texans 2007/2008 Girls

Waco Texans 2008 Boys

Waco Texans 2009 Boys

Waco Texans 2009 Boys Red

Waco Texans 2011 Boys

Waco Texans 2013 Boys

Waco Texans 2013 Boys Red

Waco Texans 2014 Boys 

Waco Texans 2014 Boys Red

Waco Texans 2014 Girls 

Waco Texans 2014 Girls Red


Open Sessions start May 20, 2024.  Come out and give the team a try and train with Waco Texan coaches.

If you are interested in one of our current teams please contact Brian Cunningham @ 254.722.3973